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Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Statement for Howarth House Hotel

315 Clifton Drive, St Annes, FY8 1HN



Howarth House is located in the Lancashire town of Lytham St Annes and offers 15 guest bedrooms all with en suite facilities. Howarth House is over 100 years old and has been recently refurbished. Whilst we aim to meet our guests needs there may be some period features that might make access difficult for people with limited mobility. For people with limited mobility we are able to offer ground floor accommodation which may be more suitable for their needs.
We are located within a 5 minute walk to St Annes town centre, the route into the town and local shops is level pavements.
4 Championship golf courses including Royal Lytham are all close by and the attractions of Blackpool are within easy reach.
Howarth House is 4star rated. We look forward to welcoming you, if you have any queries or require assistance please phone 01253 725622 or email us at

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01253 725622 or email



  • We are located within the town of Lytham St Annes on Clifton Drive
  • The nearest shops are approximately 5 minutes walk
  • The nearest bus stops are just outside the property with access to Blackpool and to Lytham, bus time tables are available for guests.
  • St Annes train station is approximately 10 minutes walk away, it connects with Blackpool and Preston.
  • Taxis are available at the station or we can book one in advance for you
  • Blackpool airport is 10 minutes away by car. Jet2 and various other airlines operate from here.
  • Pets are welcome at Howarth House


Car Parking and Arrival

  • Howarth House has parking facilities, space for 7 cars. The car park is smooth tarmac with marked out spaces.
  • Parking is also available on the main road outside the hotel however it can be quite busy during the day.
  • The building is accessed from the car park and there is lighting outside the building in the evenings and at the front door.
  • There is a hand rail at the front door to assist with the entry steps. The first step is 3 and half inches high and 10inches wide, the second step is 5inches high and 24inches wide, the third step is 5inches high and 48inches wide which leads you into the porch door which is 40inches wide.
  • There is a small step up of 5inches through the front door which is 32inches wide that leads you into the hallway and reception area.


Welcome Area

  • Guests are greeted in the hallway at reception. The entrance and hallway is carpeted and is level.
  • This area is well light with table lamps and over head lighting.
  • Assistance can be given with luggage.
  • To the right of the hallway is a doorway(30 inches wide) leading into the guests lounge.
  • The lounge is carpeted throughout with a rug in the centre in front of the fireplace.
  • There are 3 coffee tables, 6 hard back chairs and a 3 seater sofa.
  • The lounge is very light with large windows allowing natural light in plus 4 table lamps and over head lighting.
  • The lounge leads through into the dining room where breakfast is served daily.
  • The dining room is carpeted and level and has over head lighting.



  • Howarth House has 2 ground floor rooms, the first is Room 1.
  • Access to this room is around the side of the hotel, the path way is tarmac and level. There is a small gateway(32inch wide) leading into a private flagged patio area.
  • There is one step up(8 inches high) to another level of flagged patio area that leads to the room.
  • The room is accessed by a sliding patio door(32 inches wide and raised 9inches from the floor to step over the door runner)
  • The room is carpeted with a rug in front of the sliding door.
  • There are 2 chairs and a table inside the room in front of the end of the bed.
  • The bed is a super king bed. This is a large bed frame with 2 single mattresses and can be made into a twin if The bed is 24inches high, you can access the bed both sides.
  • There are bedside tables and lamps at both sides, also over head lighting.
  • Room 2 is accessed the same way around the side of the hotel.
  • There are 2 steps up to room 2 with 2 hand rails. the first step is 3inches high and 12inches wide, the second step is 6inches high and 24inches wide, There is another 6inch step up over the door frame to enter the room.
  • The room has 1 double bed and 1 single bed access to beds is from one side only, both beds are 32inches high. There is a gap between the 2 beds of 24inches
  • Room 2 has a dressing table (30inches high) and 2 wooden chairs.
  • The room has 2 lamps and over head lighting.
  • Beds are made up with duvets and non feather pillows.
  • Flat screen TVs with free view and DVD players are in each room, subtitles available.
  • Tea making facilities and hairdryers in each room.


Bathrooms, Shower-rooms & Toilets (Ensuite or Shared)

  • Room 1 is en suite, the doorway is 29inches wide. The toilet seat is 16inches from the floor. The bath sides are 22inches high, there is a shower over the bath with removable head, it is 50inches high from the taps. The sink is on a pedestal and is 32inches high. the room has shaving mirror lights and over head lighting. The floor is tiled and level.
  • Room 2 is en suite, the doorway is 27inches wide. The toilet seat is 16inches from the floor. The shower cubicle door is 24inches wide and the cubicle itself is 27inches wide, the shower controls are 70inches high and the shower head is adjustable and removable. The bathroom has shaving mirror lights and over head lighting.
  • Towels and bathmats are provided and a range of toiletries.


Public Areas – Halls, Stairs, Landings, Corridors

  • All public areas, halls, stairs, landings, are well lit using a combination of lamps and ceiling lighting.
  • All areas are carpeted
  • There is a continuous flight of 13 steps 8inch high 10 inch wide that lead up to the rest of the double guests bedrooms, one single room and the public toilet. There is a hand rail on one side. There is a second flight of stairs that leads to the top floor and the rest of the single rooms and two doubles. There are 12 steps 8inches high and 10inches wide.


Public Toilet

  • There is a unisex public toilet on the first floor with one sink 32inches high, one toilet 16inches high with over head lighting. The door into the toilet is 28inches wide.


Dining Room

  • The dining room is just off the lounge area. It is carpeted throughout. There are 8 wooden tables spaced around the room with 14 chairs.
  • Breakfast is table service so guests are seated and served.
  • The dining room has over head lighting and a large window allowing natural light.
  • There is no door into the room it flows from the lounge. The floor is a level surface.



  • Our ground floor rooms (Rooms 1 & 2) have a small patio area outside, this area is flag stoned with 2 levels there is a step between levels (8inch high) There is patio tables and chairs outside the rooms.
  • This area is restricted to guests who are staying in Rooms 1 & 2.
  • This area is suitable for guests with pets as it has a gated entrance.


Additional Information

  • There is a guest information folder in each room containing the fire instructions, Wi-Fi codes and other useful local information including local restaurants menus.
  • Wi-Fi is free
  • Ironing service available
  • Refrigeration available for prescription medicines or perishable foods.


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Address (Inc postcode): Howarth House 315 Clifton Drive south Lytham St Annes Lancs


Telephone: 01253 725622


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